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About Us
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a little story about us
Being a 3rd generation mango cultivator the beginnings of Anish Farms go back to 1950s. Most of our orchards date from the 50s. After taking over the company’s reins from his father in the 90s, the current proprietor, Umesh Lanjekar decided to radically change from conventional methods of cultivation. With the onset of organic food revolution, Anish Farms was on the first and very few mango farm to convert to organic label. The companies aims have since then been to deliver our clients with the best culinary experience while continuing to remain committed to ecological and sustainable farming practices.
Our Farm
Our farms are located at Ratnagiri
Our farms are located at various locations around the city of Ratnagiri along the western coast of Maharashtra. We take utmost care to keep the ecological balance in our farms with regard to other flora and fauna than just mangoes. All trees that have been planted and growing in our farms are equally taken care of. We at Anish Farms, believe that taking care of our trees and environment is as important as the cultivation of the fruit. Due to this strong conviction, the current proprietor has moved away from intensive cultivation to an environmental friendly and sustainable cultivation.